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December 1, 2011

Do you trust them? That’s sort of the principal question at the heart of the Carrier IQ debate, since it’s been revealed that the company’s eponymous software is pervasive (they claim to be running on 140,000,000 mobile devices), largely impossible to detect or disable, and equipped to record nearly everything you do on your device, down to logging keystrokes. Whether or not this software has the power to be used for gross invasions of privacy seems obvious enough — it definitely can. Carrier IQ’s argument, however, is that their data collection is at the behest of the client companies who run the software on their phones, and functions to help companies improve customer experience with the mobile devices in question. However, operating secretly with no security options or ability to easily turn it off, Carrier IQ is courting serious controversy. source

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15:38 // 2 years ago