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February 2, 2013

America fills the Super Bowl with empty calories

  • 1,200the average calories consumed by Americans while watching the Super Bowl, according to the Calorie Control Council. We must admit, that figure was a little surprisingly low to us, when you consider it’s still shy of most people’s daily caloric targets, but as always, context matters — eating 2000 healthful calories in a day is still vastly preferable to the usual chips-n’-pizza Super Bowl fare, especially the over 1 billion chicken wings America is expected to eat tomorrow. source
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October 4, 2012
OK, USA Today, we love your chunky infographic style.

OK, USA Today, we love your chunky infographic style.

11:41 // 2 years ago
April 14, 2011

On the calorie count of a Burger King Whopper

dataanxiety answered: Of course I would, if it were a mere 1,160 calories! A regular Whopper has more. Meat Monster is a low-cal miracle, IF Slashfood is correct

» We say: Actually, a Whopper only has 670 calories according to Burger King’s own site, which is by no means light, but is still little more than half of the calorie count of this thang.

13:39 // 3 years ago
April 1, 2011

Ordering fast food may become more harrowing

  • NEW proposed FDA rules for calorie disclosure source

» The implications: Restaurants and vending machines that have more than twenty locations or units, respectively, would be required to post the caloric content of their foods. Menu cards would also bear a generic message about 2,000 calories being the recommended daily intake. This was actually a mandate in the Affordable Care Act that passed last year; the FDA proposal would just be the beginning of that enforcement. So, basically, you’ll have to start closing your eyes when you get to the counter at Carl’s Jr. (or, for our southern brethren, Hardee’s).

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