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January 20, 2014
Before we officially decided to post Caleb’s piece, we tried to stick as many trained eyeballs on it as possible. Somewhere between 13 and 15 people read the piece in all, including every senior editor but one, our two lead copy desk editors, our publisher and even’s editor-in-chief. All of them were blown away by the piece. Everyone thought we should run it. Ultimately, it was my call. So if you want to rip anyone involved in this process, please, direct your anger and your invective at me. Don’t blame Caleb or anyone that works for me. It’s my site and anything this significant is my call. Blame me. I didn’t ask the biggest and most important question before we ran it — that’s my fault and only my fault.
Grantland editor-in-chief Bill Simmons, discussing and apologizing for the publication’s decision to run “Dr. V’s Magical Putter,” a report about a golf putter that drew a large-scale backlash over the weekend after the details of the story—the outing of the article’s subject as transgender and the subject’s suicide prior to the piece’s publishing—were questioned on social media. Simmons described the piece as writer Caleb Hannan falling into “a reporting abyss,” then admitted that the backlash raised a number of realizations after the fact. The big one: “Someone familiar with the transgender community should have read Caleb’s final draft,” Simmons wrote. “This never occurred to us. Nobody ever brought it up.”
21:30 // 8 months ago
December 1, 2012
Politico is … it’s like ‘Who won the day?’ kind of thing, right? They’re trying to cover it like it’s sports, but not in an intelligent way at all, right? And they want to create noise, basically, right? Their whole thing is, you have to have a lead story about some gaffe that some candidate made on the campaign trail.
Nate Silver • Taking down Politico, which attempted a takedown of Silver just before the election, during an interview with ESPN’s Bill Simmons. Silver, who suffered a pretty solid rip at the hand of Dylan Byers just before the election, now won’t give Byers, who wants an interview with the FiveThirtyEight founder, the time of day. Silver, by the way, knows a thing or two about sports — he spent years devising a baseball-statistics system before moving into politics.
19:08 // 1 year ago