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April 30, 2012

After Microsoft deal, Nook more valuable than Barnes & Noble. Really.

  • $300M the amount Microsoft invested in Barnes & Noble’s Nook business
  • 17% the share of ownership the company has in the Android-driven platform
  • $1.7B the valuation of the Nook business based on the investment source

» Barnes & Noble’s market value Friday: $792 million. That’s right, one product line at Barnes & Noble is now worth twice as much as the entire company was worth three days ago. As a result of the deal, the company’s shares shot up 85 percent in early trading this morning. Before now, the company had been struggling a bit recently, suggesting wider losses as of January as the company ramped up marketing for the Nook. Microsoft’s deal could make those losses a little less painful. The deal also includes a Nook app for Windows 8.

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11:04 // 2 years ago