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December 1, 2012

Kim Kardashian in Bahrain: a tale of two media genres

  • entertainmentWant to know how things went during Kim Kardashian’s trip to launch her milkshake chain in Bahrain? GlobalGrind has you covered: "The 32-year-old reality starlet… made her way to the middle of the desert to visit some camels. It doesn’t look like she took a ride on any of them but at least she attempted to engulf herself in the culture. And, we don’t blame her, she was a little homesick, missing her man Kanye West. …Kim has gotten a lot done overseas as she even visited a cancer patient in the Middle Eastern country. …It looks like the Kardashian hype has gone completely international!"
  • mainstreamOkay, okay, maybe not completely covered. Per Reuters: "Television celebrity Kim Kardashian brought out screaming fans, angry Muslim hardliners and police throwing stun grenades on Saturday when she visited Bahrain to launch a milkshake franchise, witnesses said. About 100 Sunni Salafists demonstrated with banners outside The Walk Bahrain, an upmarket mall in the capital Manama, after some MPs tried to block the visit over what they called her "bad reputation"… Witnesses said police dispersed the demonstrators with stun grenades as the inauguration proceeded inside. There were no reports of casualties." source [1] [2]
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October 11, 2011
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March 16, 2011



Bahrain TV anchor cries on air after caller asks for protection.

Oh my goodness, this is heartbreaking. It’s in Arabic.

PP: Even if you don’t speak Arabic (like me), you should watch this video for the footage.

We are not seeing this type of footage from the streets of Bahrain in the US.

We don’t understand a word of this. But the emotions? We could pick those up easily.

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March 15, 2011
Due to the ongoing circumstances in Bahrain … King Hamad has announced a state of national emergency as of Tuesday for three months.
An announcement on Bahraini state television • Announcing a “national state of emergency” in the country. The announcement comes a day after troops from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates entered the country to help quell the protests. The U.S. government has called for restraint in the wake of fresh military action. source (viafollow)
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