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February 25, 2011

Protip: Don’t ask “Who’s gonna shoot Obama?” at town hall meetings

  • average Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, a Republican, had a town hall meeting on Tuesday night in Athens. People from across the region came by. Broun asked the person who had to travel furthest the first question.
  • awkward Unfortunately, that person asked this ever-popular question: “Who’s gonna shoot Obama?” People laughed, presumably in shock. Broun avoided an exact answer and his folks later talked to the Secret Service. Smart. source
13:16 // 3 years ago
February 3, 2011
It has great meaning not to hurt each other, hurt our reputation. Do they want what happened in Tunisia to happen here?
Newly-appointed Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq • Talking about yesterday’s “catastrophe” in Cairo on Egyptian television. To answer your question, Ahmed: Yeah, we’re pretty sure that’s the idea. source (viafollow)
10:47 // 3 years ago