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February 16, 2012

Foster Freiss, Rick Santorum’s big-money backer via his SuperPAC, went on MSNBC today to talk about his support for the candidate. In speaking with Andrea Mitchell, he seemed none too interested in taking the blossoming political fight over contraception that seriously, opting instead for a rather, well… pointed and unpleasant crack, instead.

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14:28 // 2 years ago
December 30, 2011

Aren’t jokes supposed to be funny? Mitt Romney’s son Matt was on the campaign trail for his dad the other day when he made an Obama birth certificate joke, in reference to Mitt’s own tax return issues. The joke, and we quote: “I heard someone suggest the other day that as soon as President Obama releases his grades and birth certificate …then maybe he’ll do it.” This was so toxic that Matt joined Twitter just to apologize for the joke:

» Worst reason to join Twitter ever? Perhaps. Most people quit Twitter over saying something stupid. source

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13:48 // 2 years ago