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June 4, 2012

Announcing the 2012 ThinkProgress Tumblr Honorees!


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here! After months (days) of eager anticipation (quiet indifference), ThinkProgress is pleased to award our inaugural Golden Thinkrs to 10 tumblrs that have made us laugh, cry, think, sing, skip and—in one particular moment of weakness—drink heavily.

There are too many unique and worthy voices on Tumblr to cram into one award ceremony, so instead we relied on a complicated, mathematical formula to whittle down our list to what you see here. We did not—repeat, DID NOT—throw darts at a board and choose the first 10 we hit.

They are:

Mother Jones for pioneering progressive news and commentary on tumblr.

STFU Conservatives for helping us laugh at that thing Donald Trump said the other day.

Short Form Blog for making sure awesome stories don’t slip through the cracks.

Officials Say/ProPublica for reminding us that our elected representatives say the darndest things.

In Other News for adding a bit of culture into our otherwise political-obsessed days.

Cognitive Dissonance for liveblogging the entire GOP primaries.

Who Needs Feminism? for crowdsourcing perspectives on what feminism means to both men and women.

Apsies for a healthy mix of culture and politics (and for her successful campaign to get Barack Obama to follow her on Tumblr!)

Climate Adaptation for the coolest (and most upsetting) climate and environmental news on tumblr.

Mohandas Gandhi: for not letting us forget about international conflicts currently taking place a world away.

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Hey hey! This is kind of cool! In particular, Climate Adaptation is a great Tumblr more people need to follow. But that said, thanks for thinking so highly of us ThinkProgress. You guys are pretty cool too.

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