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February 24, 2012
When I started planning the site last summer, my plan was to make it more of a general-interest site. Then in November, when I left Poynter, I pretty much abandoned that plan to compete against my former employer. Finding a new tagline is on my to-do list.
Blogger Jim Romenesko • Discussing why his “blog about media and other things I’m interested in” only seems to feature media posts. For a single individual, Romenesko is doing quite well on the blogging front, nearing the level of his former employer, Poynter, all by himself. He’s doing so well that his ad provider, BlogAds, is already talking about raising his rates. Not bad for a guy whose reputation took a public hit (though not without his defenders) a couple of months back.
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February 12, 2012



MASS RIOTS in Athens, Greece.

At least 10 buildings went up in flames in protests today.

Dear Think Progress,

Once again, could you please take the extra few seconds and credit your photographs? None of the photos above are in the link you’ve provided and appear to be photos from Twitter or Instagram like the bottom left which I posted earlier: it belongs to mmgeissler. Thanks.

This stuff takes a lot of time to find if you’re not on the ground. And if you’re the original source, you deserve credit. Let’s take care not to just gank images. It takes ten seconds to link to a source. Let’s be good linking citizens, all. EDIT: To their credit, Think Progress added attribution to this post.

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November 20, 2011

On taking screenshots of a story

nostrich replied: Uh, guys, screenshotting the entire contents of an article? That’s no better than HuffPo-style over-aggregation. Uncool.

» SFB says: While it’s fair to note that in some instances we’ve probably screenshotted a little more than we should have, a couple points to that: 1) We link the article prominently both in the text and the image, 2) News articles tend to update, and the story itself may look different a couple of hours from now. Often it’s a quick art element in the case of a breaking news story where art wouldn’t otherwise be available. In the case of the Ben Parr article this was a reply to, the news had just broken, so it’s entirely possible that’ll be the case, especially if, for example, they get a Mashable staff member on record. (The story had already changed once.) In the future, we’ll try to be careful about how much we screenshot, though.   — Ernie @ SFB

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October 14, 2011
Our inquiry did conclude that there had been an unacceptable violation of our journalistic standards. Material published in our pages borrowed from the work of others, without attribution, in ways which we cannot defend and will not tolerate.
Politico editors John F. Harris and Jim VandeHei • Revealing last night that one of their reporters, Kendra Marr, resigned over alleged plagiarism allegations involving a New York Times article. Marr’s own piece included similar phrasing, something which the Times reporter noticed. “Marr is a friend and colleague who has produced much outstanding work here and elsewhere. She offered her resignation Thursday, and we accepted,” the editors noted. In the end, a total of seven of Marr’s articles had to be amended after the plagiarism accusations came to light. Here’s the one that led to her resignation. Here’s the Times’ original article. And here’s The WaPo’s Erik Wemple mashing them together.
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