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January 11, 2013


Newly Single Olympic legend Michael Phelps shows off his ’70s porn stache.

Get it right, TMZ. He’s wearing the Mark Spitz.

Clearly someone doesn’t know their history of mustaches in Olympic-class swimming.

14:49 // 1 year ago
July 24, 2012

WADA suspends 100+ athletes for doping

  • 107 athletes banned from Olympic play for doping source

» This is not to say that all these athletes would have been Olympic competitors — the World Anti-Doping Agency’s testing period was the six months leading into June, before many qualifying events. WADA plans to have tested more than 5,000 other athletes during the official Olympics period, which started with the opening of the Olympic Village on July 16th.

18:30 // 2 years ago