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February 10, 2012
Killing insurgents is what the machine Prince Harry flies is there for; you cannot put it any other way.
A British defense source • Regarding Prince Harry’s return to combat. Prince Harry is returning to duty with the Royal Air Force shortly. No one is sure when his four-month tour begins, but he’ll be working with the unit with the highest “kill rate” while it was in Afghanistan. source (viafollow)
8:04 // 2 years ago
May 4, 2011

Apache tribe wants apology over Bin Laden’s “Geronimo” moniker

  • geronimo A prominent and storied Native American leader, known for his daring attacks and escapes while battling both Mexican and U.S. soldiers — also, the code name given to Osama bin Laden in last weekend’s operation.
  • apache The modern representation of Geronimo’s Apache tribe, from Sill Falls, Oklahoma, has taken issue with this. Tribe Chairman Jeff Houser wants an apology from the White House for using Geronimo as the bin Laden code name. source
15:30 // 3 years ago