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March 24, 2012
Alas, to the surprise of no one, the justices announced last week that they would not permit the Care Act arguments to be broadcast live or on video. Instead, interested people will be able to hear the argument, but only in the afternoon, after the day’s argument has concluded. …It’s the sort of show that millions of Americans deserve to see live, as it unfolds, and not on tape delay. To me, no matter how the justices come down on the merits of the Affordable Care Act, they’ve already made a big mistake.
Andrew Cohen, contributing editor at The Atlantic • Arguing against the Supreme Court’s refusal to broadcast the upcoming arguments over the Affordable Care Act. Cohen makes the case from something of a populist position, saying that to disallow or dissuade a broad swath of the American public from viewing the case, while Washington lobbyists and politicos fight for the right to pack the 400-seat room, represents an “unequal justice.” A worthwhile read on the access, and lack thereof, of common people to the functions of government. source (viafollow)
15:14 // 2 years ago