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April 13, 2014
12:32 // 6 months ago
May 14, 2013

Post-merger American Airlines could lead field in baggage fees

  • $1.1B+in combined baggage fees between US Airways and American Airlines throughout 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. The two airlines are in the nascent stages of a merger at the moment, after which the resultant American Airlines could claim Delta’s current spot as the airline most bleeding all of us dry on our luggage. source
21:00 // 1 year ago
May 8, 2013

American Airlines: You must be this douchey to hang in our special lounge areas for free

  • 55 the Klout score needed to stay at one of 40 premium American Airlines “Admirals Club” outlets nationwide—for free, no matter what carrier you’re flying on. My Klout score is currently 55 on the dot, so I guess I’m gonna get past the velvet rope. source
19:02 // 1 year ago
February 13, 2013

American Airlines and US Airways merge, and the loser is competition

  • 86% of all domestic air travel in the United States will be controlled by a total of four companies, after American Airlines and US Airways merge. The merger is the latest in a consolidation-heavy decade for airlines in the country. What this means for you: The cost of a plane ticket is about to go upsource

Oh yeah, it’s worth noting that American Airlines has had a really tough past couple of years.

20:27 // 1 year ago
October 5, 2012

In loose-seat crisis, American Airlines crying over spilled drinks

  • 48 Boeing 757 planes pulled out of commission due to issues with their seats coming loose and falling out — you know, no big deal or anything
  • three flights have recently had issues with loose seats — just the latest issue for the bankrupt airline
  • 94 flights cancelled over two days to fix the loose seat issue — which, get this, the airline is blaming on people who spilled their drinks over the years source
8:40 // 2 years ago
May 6, 2012

Bankrupt American Airlines suddenly regrets selling unlimited passes

  • then Back in the early 1980s, American Airlines offered some its frequent flier customers the ultimate deal, if they could afford it — for $250,000 or more, they could fly first class on unlimited flights for the rest of their lives. The deal, intended for businesses, ended up getting taken up by wealthy individuals — including celebrities like Willie Mays and entrepreneurs like Michael Dell — who used it full-hilt, some flying dozens of times each month.
  • now With American Airlines suffering from bankruptcy, the company appears to have handed out a check they can’t cash, with some fliers costing the airline millions. Now the airline is cracking down, investigating those who sold use of the passes or overburdened the system, breaking the rules as a result. The company stopped selling the unlimited passes in 1994, but briefly revived them at a much higher price in 2004. source

» Quick thought on the matter: Anyone see shades of AT&T and Verizon in this whole mess, in that (like AA) both companies sold unlimited service for something — in this case, mobile data access — only to change their minds after they decided it was costing too much, in the process treating their customers like jerks? The lesson: Unlimited has limits, apparently.

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20:21 // 2 years ago
December 11, 2011

Alec Baldwin apologizes to himself (in character) on “SNL”: This is a brilliant response on the part of Baldwin to the whole American Airlines/Words With Friends incident earlier this week. Actual quote from Baldwin, playing an American Airlines pilot: “Mr. Baldwin is an American treasure, and I am ashamed at the way he was treated.” Magic.

10:45 // 2 years ago
December 6, 2011
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17:36 // 2 years ago
December 1, 2011

offtobrowntown says: As a son of an AA employee who went through the fear of mass layoffs during the post 9/11 airline bankruptcy days (He made it thankfully). Do you guys think AA'll be laying off any employees as per renegotiations with the unions? Or do you think it'll be purely restructuring.

» SFB says: To put it simply, layoffs are probably on the menu. From this CNNMoney article on the matter: "American pilots fly fewer hours than their counterparts at other carriers, and receive similar pay and benefits for less work time. And because the maximum number of hours an American pilot can work in a month equals the minimum at Southwest, American is required to hire more people to work in the cockpit for the same amount of flying." Even though American pays less than most of the other airlines, the union-enforced disparity of hours is hitting the airline hard, costing them roughly $200 million each year. Benefits are also very costly for the airline. Ultimately, if the forthcoming labor talks go AA’s way, expect layoffs. Even if they don’t, expect service cuts that could lead to labor cuts anyway. — Ernie @ SFB

21:22 // 2 years ago