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January 19, 2013

Algerian hostage crisis reportedly ends after final assault

  • 23hostages killed, at least, in a gas plant in Algeria over the last few days. The hostages had been held by an al-Qaeda-linked group, which took over the gas facility in retaliation, it’s suspected by Algerian authorities, for allowing France to use their airspace to attack Islamic militants in neighboring Mali. The nationalities of the slain hostages are not yet abundantly clear, though reports have indicated there were Americans as well as British, Japanese, Norwegian, French, Romanian, and Malaysian citizens held in the facility. 32 of the militants involved were also slain in the Algerian military attacks. source
15:24 // 1 year ago
January 17, 2013
They (Algerians) are likely to feel vindicated, and to reject any criticism for their reaction to a domestic crisis they feel were brought about by Western actions they advised against.
Geoff Porter of North Africa Risk Consulting • Discussing the current situation with the Algerian hostage crisis, which ended violently and has featured wildly varying reports regarding death toll. Porter is referring to Algerian officials’ position that Western officials should not have intervened in the region. The hostage situation took place at a natural gas complex deep in the Sahara desert, and hostages were of numerous nationalities, including American.
19:29 // 1 year ago