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December 1, 2013

Stuff you may have missed: December 1, 2013

Good news for healthcare fans: The Obama administration says it met a self-imposed goal to improve its Healthcare.Gov site by December 1. The site has been seen as a bit of a fiasco.

A pregnant Italian woman visited the UK, had a mental breakdown, and then had her baby taken away by child services, using a forced c-section. We’re not making this up.

The National Zoo, with the help of 123,000 online votes, finally picked a name for its new panda cub: Bao Bao.

Business on Black Friday was lackluster, but we’ll always have the dehumanizing violence.

The death of Paul Walker puts the “The Fast and the Furious” series in a major bind.

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Amazon’s dream for improving the delivery process involves drones, apparently.

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November 29, 2013

Black Friday madness: In case you just woke up instead of going out last night and testing out your credit card limit, here’s what you missed.

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November 27, 2013
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November 23, 2013
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November 14, 2013
It’s cheaper to buy a roundtrip plane ticket from Rio de Janeiro to Miami or New York City, plus the PlayStation 4, rather than purchase the console new in Brazil.
Why does the PlayStation 4 cost $1,850 in Brazil?
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November 9, 2013

In case you were curious, researchers are working on a urine-based power source for robots. Here’s a video of a mobile phone getting charged this way.

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November 7, 2013
The political tone turned nastier and I didn’t identify with either Republicans or Democrats. The time for a third party that can broker consensus is long overdue. There have been many attempts since the beginning of our country, but the two major parties control the election laws, the ballot and the conversation.
Robert Bucholz, the newly elected Judge of Election for the 5th Division in the 56th Ward of Philadelphia, discussing why he chose to join the Whig party—a party intended as one of compromise and consensus, something that hasn’t been in style since the 1840s. He’s the first Whig elected in Philly in 157 years.
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November 5, 2013

Texas town to vote on most expensive high school stadium in the country

  • $69.5M could be spent on a new high school football stadium in the city of Katy, Texas, if a new ballot measure is approved by voters on Tuesday, though it doesn’t actually say that anywhere on the ballot. Registered voters in the town of approx. 15,000 will be asked to vote yes or no on an all-or-nothing bill — that also includes $4.5 million for a new science, technology, engineering and mathematics center — that would see nearly 70 million dollars set aside for the “construction, acquisition and equipment of school buildings in the district.” The new facility would seat roughly 14,000 and be built next to the town’s existing high school stadium, which only seats ten thousand. source
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