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December 27, 2013
17:05 // 9 months ago
January 15, 2013
If somebody’s working and taking dope, that’s their business. If somebody’s on unemployment and using unemployment dollars at the expense of the taxpayer, then I have a problem.
Wyoming State Rep. Michael Madden • Explaining why he decided to introduce a bill which would require certain members of America’s unemployed population to consent to a drug test prior to receiving benefits from the government. Republicans are expected to introduce similar measures in states around the country this year, despite all signs pointing to Florida’s first-in-the-nation state welfare recipient drug testing program being a failure that quickly increased the state’s annual spending. After all, why look for legitimate solutions to our nation’s woes when we can just fall back on outdated and inaccurate stereotypes?  source
15:22 // 1 year ago
April 12, 2012

New weekly unemployment numbers nearly match 2012’s highest

  • 380,000 new weekly jobless filings source

» Last week’s number was the highest since late January, and comes on the heels of electronics-giant Sony announcing 10,000 new layoffs as part of their “One Sony” initiative to turn around the company. (Yahoo also announced mass layoffs recently.) The new numbers follow a so-so monthly jobs report, released last Friday, which showed the economy had only added 120,000 jobs during March. That number was down from approximately 200,000 new jobs a month from December to February. It’s important to note that, prior to last week, this number — which changes weekly — was consistently hitting lows that hadn’t been touched since before the financial crisis in late 2008.

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13:52 // 2 years ago
December 15, 2011

On jobless benefits and holiday hiring

youranonsanon says: No *@^! Sherlock, and holiday hiring is why, huge post holiday layoffs can be expected.

» SFB says: Actually … if you hop over to the source article, you’ll see the trend line on new unemployment benefits has largely been declining for months, beyond the holidays. (Minus a couple hiccups, such as a huge jump caused by a Verizon strike.) On top of this, the Department of Labor clearly states the data is seasonally adjusted, meaning that it theoretically shouldn’t be affected by holiday hiring unless there was something out of the ordinary that affected the numbers. In fact, minus the seasonal adjustment, the number of new jobless claims is roughly 70,000 higher. This explanation, which was hinted at in our post, is the more likely one, though even then, this number strictly accounts for new applications, not long-term jobless benefits. — Ernie @ SFB

12:50 // 2 years ago
September 8, 2011
Democrats and Republicans in this Chamber have supported unemployment insurance plenty of times in the past. At this time of prolonged hardship, you should pass it again – right away.
Agreed. Will that happen, though? (more here)
19:23 // 3 years ago
December 1, 2010
God forbid we actually think ahead … working together and coming up with a common solution. It makes no sense to me.
Sen. Scott Brown • Arguing that the Senate missed a golden opportunity to work on an unemployment extension, instead working on other things while a bipartisan opportunity passed them by. Instead, a bill to extend unemployment for some by an entire year was introduced Monday night, which made it hard to draw consensus support, especially since the benefits weren’t paid for. “I’m not sure why it took so long to get to his point while we spent seven days on food safety,” Brown said. “I’m very, very curious to see what’s next.” source (viafollow)
9:54 // 3 years ago
October 5, 2010

Joe Miller: Unemployment benefits unconstitutional, ‘cept for my wife

  • now Republican Joe Miller of Alaska claims unemployment benefits are not “constitutionally authorized.”
  • then 2002, Miller’s wife was laid off  from the government job he got her, and received unemployment benefits. source
14:30 // 4 years ago