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December 6, 2012

Operation Roman Empire deals blow to Mexican Mafia-aligned gang

  • 18 people were arrested on federal charges relating to alleged criminal activity on behalf of the Harpys Dead-End gang, including at least one family member of the gang’s incarcerated leader Danny Roman. 
  • 29 defendants will face charges in total, though eight of those charged were already incarcerated in the state of California. Danny Roman’s sister Vianna and her husband Aaron Soto were both arrested on Thursday, and stand accused of passing orders to/from Danny during his incarceration. Police also say that they collected taxes for the jailed Harpys leader, and brought him the money during their visits. source
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May 30, 2012
I was just in awe that we were at the Coliseum. I’ve made movies for about 20 years and I’ve done a lot of things, but that one really stands out.
Porn star “Mr. Marcus” • Discussing his 2001 adult video shoot on the floor of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum football field, where the USC Trojans play football and two Olympics were played (among other things). Officials are unaware of how the production company, Anabolic Video, managed to get approved for the shoot, which featured 40 minutes of explicit scenes under the lights of the same stadium where Pope John Paul II once held mass. Yikes.
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May 7, 2011
Give back — as much as you’re able. Work to keep America great. Serve her, if asked. I was, by a president of a different political party. But in the end, while we might not all be of one party, we are all part of one nation, a nation that needs your generational gift of energy and confidence.
Former U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman • Making his first speech since leaving his post — a commencement speech for the University of South Carolina which smartly stayed away from the politics for the most part. Huntsman, by the way, wants to run for president. He made sure his speech was hip — he even dropped a lyric from Ben Folds Five! — but otherwise kept low-key. You know what was happening next door, by the way? That’s right, the state’s GOP convention, which Huntsman didn’t even make an appearance at. It’s fascinating, because a number of other presidential candidates were there. source (viafollow)
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