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November 18, 2013
I ran back inside, ran in the basement, not 15 seconds later our basement windows were sucked in and everything was twirling about. Everything was white and all I could hear was snapping … Things were dropping on top of me and splitting in two.
Washington, Ill. resident Ryan Bowers • Discussing how he hid in his basement, despite rarely taking heed of tornado warnings, and survived the deadly tornado in the city. ”I have to believe that 90 percent of those people who survived were probably in their basement, taking cover, or at church,” said the city’s mayor, Gary Manier.
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June 1, 2013
Several storm chasers, including a crew from The Weather Channel, experienced vehicle damage while narrowly escaping serious injury or death. Most likely, the vehicle deaths were preventable. Their occurrence should squash the idea that trying to flee a tornado in a car is a good idea. And storm chasers—who pursued the tornadic storms much too closely—set a poor example and need to re-examine their priorities.
The Washington Post’s Jason Samenow • Arguing that last night’s storms in Oklahoma set a precedent which could change the nature of storm-chasing for good. Samenow, a blogger for the Post’s Capitol Weather Gang, argues that recklessness was a major factor for storm-chasers in the region. “If anything, the events of Friday evening demonstrate storm chasers need to back off,” he continued. “For too long, too many chasers—both professional and amateur—have been crossing the line.” The key word there is “professional”—a Weather Channel crew barely escaped serious injury after their vehicle was thrown by a tornado last night.
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Numbers: Reported deaths and injuries from last night’s severe weather in Oklahoma

  • nine the number of people confirmed killed in last night’s violent storms in the Oklahoma City area, including two children. The storm also damaged the region’s Will Rogers Airport. The damage caused, while high, still wasn’t as bad as the recent tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.
  • 77 the number of people treated for injuries after the storms. One person is still in critical condition. source
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May 31, 2013
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May 21, 2013

Dozens of survivors have been rescued from the destruction in Oklahoma

  • 100+ survivors have been pulled from the rubble in the town of Moore, Oklahoma, including a number of young children who were trapped inside the remains of Plaza Towers Elementary School. The death toll currently stands at 24, with more than 230 injuries also reported as a result of the EF-5 tornado which touched down on Monday. source
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The confirmed death toll from the Oklahoma medical examiner was lowered from an earlier figure of 51, illustrating the confusion as day broke over the shattered city of Moore. It was not clear how many children were included in the revised death toll, and authorities cautioned the toll could change again.
An NBC News story on the death toll from the Oklahoma tornadoes, which was revised down to 24, something the Associated Press reports was caused by counting victims twice during the early chaos of the storm.
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May 20, 2013
…already Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., says he will insist that any federal disaster aid be paid for with cuts elsewhere.

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40 minutes, 20 miles, at least 37 dead: the New York Times maps out the path of the tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma

Note the varying count from the prior post.


40 minutes, 20 miles, at least 37 dead: the New York Times maps out the path of the tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma

Note the varying count from the prior post.

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Time lapse of the Oklahoma tornado. This is stunning and terrifying.” - @colinjones

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