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November 20, 2013

(Florida Congressman Trey Radel and) rising Tea Party star was caught in a coke bust. Apparently he forgot the part of the Tea Party story where you dump the product in the harbor before the cops show up.

Personally, I hated to lose a Congressman who was so fiscally conservative that I’m sure he snorted his blow through a one dollar bill. And so committed to family values, folks, that he actually voted to drug test people who received food stamps. He’s not a hypocrite, because he doesn’t get food stamps from the government.

Just his paycheck.

STEPHEN COLBERT, The Colbert Report (via inothernews)

Trey must’ve known the food stamp criticism was coming, because during a press conference that was held after the Colbert taping, he announced a leave of absence—and that he was donating his salary to charity until he came back.

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October 17, 2013

What an official “Tea Party” would change in 2016


I did a projection of what a new third, Tea Party could do to the 2016 electoral map.

Nice map, Philip:


How to turn a map blue: Kill the RINO once and for all and admit that RINOs were on the far end of the spectrum, not the near.

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A mad Tea-Party indeed. Here’s how the Tea Party secretly won by making crazy the new normal - @BW

Disagree. Crazy has never been in style.


A mad Tea-Party indeed. Here’s how the Tea Party secretly won by making crazy the new normal - @BW

Disagree. Crazy has never been in style.

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October 15, 2013
The President has said repeatedly that members of Congress don’t get to demand ransom for fulfilling their basic responsibilities to pass a budget and pay the nation’s bills. Unfortunately, the latest proposal from House Republicans does just that, in a partisan attempt to appease a small group of tea party Republicans.
White House spokeswoman Amy Brundage - Responding to the latest debt ceiling proposal from House Republicans, as both Democrats and Republicans continue to do everything they can to hang the federal shutdown around the necks of their Congressional rivals work towards an end to the fifteen day (and counting) federal shutdown. In related news, Eater DC has a list of bars and restaurants where government employees can get cheap/free food and drinks during the furlough. Looks like it may come in handy for a few more weeks.
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June 25, 2013
The instructions that Internal Revenue Service officials used to look for applicants seeking tax-exempt status with “Tea Party” and “Patriots” in their titles also included groups whose names included the words “Progressive” and “Occupy,” according to I.R.S. documents released Monday.
Documents Show Liberals in I.R.S. Dragnet - (via brooklynmutt)

That changes the scope of the story a bit.

(via brooklynmutt)

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June 9, 2013
Based upon everything I’ve seen, the case is solved. And if it were me, I would wrap this case up and move on.
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) • Discussing testimony for a conservative Republican at the Internal Revenue Service which he says proves that the White House was not involved in an effort at the agency to target Tea Party groups. Cummings, the top Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, says that if the chairman of the committee, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), does not release the transcripts from the IRS employee by the end of the week, he would. Issa, in case you haven’t been following the inner-workings of Congress, has used the position to push for multiple investigations into the Obama administration.
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May 31, 2013
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May 13, 2013
If you’ve got the IRS operating in anything less than a neutral and nonpartisan way, then that is outrageous. It is contradictory to our traditions, and people have to be held accountable.
President Obama • Commenting on an admission that the IRS targeted conservative groups, many associated with the tea party, during the 2012 election cycle, following an apology from an IRS official on Friday and this morning’s leak of  the Inspector General’s report to ABC News. President Obama’s comments came during a joint press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron, who’s currently visiting Washington D.C. to discuss the war in Syria. source
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May 11, 2013
This timeline reveals at least two extremely unethical actions by the IRS. One, as early as 2010, they targeted groups for political purposes. Two, they willfully and knowingly lied to Congress for years despite being aware that Congress was investigating this practice. This is an outrageous abuse of power.
Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) • Decrying actions within the Internal Revenue Service, which apologized yesterday for the targeting of Tea Party/conservative groups for special tax status scrutiny. An inspector general’s report is expected to be released later this week, and portions obtained by the AP suggests IRS officials knew of such targeting not just during the full throes of the 2012 election, but dating back to mid-2011. The report claims that Lori Lerner, head of the division of the IRS handling tax-exempt organizations, was told about the politically-motivated targeting (flagging of groups using the words “Tea Party,” “Patriot,” and Glenn Beck’s “9/12 Project”) back in June of 2011, and that she told agents to “immediately” change their criteria for applying that increased scrutiny. If so, her instruction seems not to have had much effect, as the undue flaggings continued into the following election year. source
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May 9, 2013
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