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January 21, 2014
We will not accept less than the removal of the criminal Bashar al-Assad and changing the regime and holding the murderers accountable.
Badr Jamous, secretary-general of the Syrian National Coalition • Offering his thoughts on the next round of diplomatic talks aimed at ending the civil war that’s ravaged Syria for the last three years. Few observers actually expect the talks, dubbed “Geneva-2” to be any more successful than the “Geneva-1” talks that failed 18 months ago. But, with roughly one-third of the country’s population displaced from their homes — not to mention more than 130,000 confirmed casualties — many diplomats are hoping that they can at least get the two sides to agree on some basic guidelines that might ease civilian suffering. source
16:15 // 9 months ago
February 28, 2013

The U.S. pledges additional funds to Syrian rebels

  • $60M in “non-lethal” assistance has been authorized for the Syrian National Council, and the United States will also provide food and medical supplies to the Free Syrian Army and other rebel fighting forces. The new aid was announced by Sec. John Kerry following the conclusion of a Friends of the Syrian People meeting on Thursday. source
16:21 // 1 year ago
February 11, 2013

Syrian rebels continue to gain ground in their war against President Bashar al-Assad and those forces that remain loyal to the Assad regime.

  • Taqba Dam The country’s largest dam has been seized by rebel forces, giving President Bashar al-Assad’s opposition control over the country’s largest source of hydro-electric power.
  • Damascus The Assad regime has been forced to send tanks to defend loyalist positions in the district of Jobar, in an attempt to halt rebel momentum, following a series of opposition victories which allowed the rebel forces to push closer towards the city’s center. 
  • Next steps Negotiations finally appear to be considered a legitimate option by the Assad regime. According to the Syrian government, national reconciliation minister Ali Haidar will meet with the head of the Syrian National Council to discuss the country’s future. source
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March 14, 2012
There is no council, it’s an illusion. … They are trying to build an autocratic rule inside the council. There is no group work. Everyone is working by himself and the whole council has not met once.
Syrian dissident Kamal al-Labwani • Discussing why he and another man left the Syrian National Council, the lead opposition group against the Assad regime. The council has long been fraught with infighting, of which this is yet another example. By the way, al-Labwani is a lifer at this: He was jailed in 2005 for his fight against the Assad regime and joined the council in November.
10:07 // 2 years ago