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October 9, 2012

Mitt Romney takes the lead among “likely” voters

  • two the number of points that Mitt Romney (49 percent) is beating President Obama (47 percent) by, according to a Gallup survey of “likely” voters. Gallup determined the likeliness through a variety of factors based on information given by participants in prior polls.
  • three the number of points that President Obama (49 percent) is beating Mitt Romney (46 percent) by, according to a Gallup poll of registered voters conducted during the same period. Unsurprisingly, the numbers on both fall within the normal margin of error. It’s going to be another close one folks. source
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October 5, 2012
The decline in unemployment under Mr. Obama this year since December is the largest in an election year since Ronald Reagan’s re-election bid.
Nate Silver, chewing over the new jobs report. Silver notes that “there has been no relationship at all between the unemployment rate on Election Day and the incumbent’s performance” at the polling booths, which is why he focuses instead on the overall change in unemployment during election year. Unemployment has gone down by a total of .7% in 2012 so far, just shy of the 1% decrease Reagan saw in 1984. “For the first time in a long while, Mr. Obama should be happy if the discussion turns toward the economy,” Silver writes. “Especially with the Friday jobs report, the economic numbers now seem just strong enough to make the incumbent a favorite for re-election, based on the way the public has evaluated their presidents historically.” source
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October 4, 2012

Debate ups Obama’s favorability amongst independents, but there’s a catch

8 point uptick in Obama’s favorability amongst independents since the debate source

Meanwhile, Romney’s favorability didn’t change. Most of the numbers in the poll, however, are rather positive for Romney; this is somewhat of an outlier. Obama’s lead in a head-to-head got cut in half, from 8 to 4 points, though he does still lead. Also, just for kicks:

10% of respondents would rather literally watch paint dry than watch Romney and Obama debate each other.

That was actually polled, yes.

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September 27, 2012
Every few days he keeps on saying he’s going to reboot this campaign or they’re going to start explaining very specifically how this plan’s going to work, and then they don’t. They don’t say how you’d pay for $5 trillion in tax cuts that are skewed towards the wealthy without raising taxes on middle-class families. They don’t explain how you’d spend two trillion [dollars] more on military spending that our military hasn’t asked for without having you foot the bill. The math doesn’t add up.
President Obama • Attacking Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, for announcing yet another campaign reboot, during his speech at rally in Hampton Roads, VA this morning. The President continued to slam the Republican presidential nominee over what he calls a lack of “economic patriotism,” a term that he debuted yesterday in a new political advertisement, and continued his push for higher taxes for millionaires.  “My opponent thinks it’s fair that somebody who makes $20 million a year like him pays a lower rate than a cop or a teacher” said President Obama, adding, “I don’t think that’s fair.” source
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Samuel L. Jackson and the Author of “Go The F—K To Sleep” Present …

Extremely NSFW:  There’s not really much to say about this video, other than that we definitely recommend wearing headphones if you plan to watch this in the workplace. This might be the most entertaining political advertisement ever released.

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September 25, 2012
Today, we must affirm that our future will be determined by people like Chris Stevens, and not by his killers. Today, we must declare that this violence and intolerance has no place among our United Nations.
President Obama • Denouncing a recent spate of anti-American violence in North Africa and the Middle East, which followed large protests of the anti-Islam “film” ‘Innocence of Muslims’, during his speech before the United Nations General Assembly. President Obama also called upon world leaders to do more to prevent such violence, even when its not popular to do so. “I know that not all countries in this body share [the United States’] understanding of the protection of free speech,” he said, adding, “The notion that we can control the flow of information is obsolete. The question, then, is how we respond. And on this we must agree: There is no speech that justifies mindless violence.” source
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September 22, 2012
I don’t think there’s any way on the face of the Earth Mitt Romney wins the presidential…Has anybody ever thought Mitt Romney would be president of the United States? Come on.
Nancy Pelosi, in an interview with reporters. She added that Romney “wanted to be president of the United States, but he’s never had any call to service, any aspirations. He just wanted to be president.” Earlier this month, Pelosi made similar comments.

(Source: BuzzFeed)

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September 20, 2012

President Obama talks to a pirate, via the White House.
(via Politico)

Imagine this scene, except with Herman Cain.


President Obama talks to a pirate, via the White House.

(via Politico)

Imagine this scene, except with Herman Cain.

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September 11, 2012


ABC’s Diane Sawyer talks to Bob Woodward about his new book inside last summer’s debt ceiling crisis. 

“It’s so serious that they couldn’t tell the world how bad it was at the time.”

Good interview; in it, you learn about Boehner’s chain-smoking and the seriousness of the issues Obama faced with the debt ceiling situation.

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September 10, 2012

Obama trumps Romney’s fundraising efforts during month of August

  • $114M was donated to the Obama campaign in August, though Democrats hardly have time to celebrate. Even with a tremendous haul, and the ability to say the average donation was only $58, President Obama only topped Mitt Romney’s campaign by $2.4 million dollars. August was also Romney’s best fundraising month to date; his campaign raised $111.6 million. source
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