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March 10, 2014
Signs we’re past the era of British colonization: New Zealand wants to change its flag to something less Union-Jacky.

Signs we’re past the era of British colonization: New Zealand wants to change its flag to something less Union-Jacky.

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November 5, 2012

Kim Dotcom wants to bring faster download speeds to New Zealand

  • $330M the estimated construction cost of an underwater fiber-optic cable, stretching from the United States’ West Coast all the way to New Zealand, that Kim Dotcom would like to see completed in the near future. Development on the project was halted in August after adequate funding could not be raised by the original proposers. The Guardian reports that Mr. Dotcom hopes to fund the developments costs through a combination of his new company Mega, a number of outside investors, and using money he hopes to be awarded in lawsuits against US and NZ authorities. source
17:52 // 1 year ago
August 29, 2012

New Zealand court unfreezes more than $5 million in Dotcom assets

  • $800,000 released to cover rent on Kim Dotcom’s New Zealand mansion through the end of February 2013
  • $4.83M also released to cover Dotcom’s other expenses, including legal fees nearing the $250,000 mark source

» It ain’t easy being rich: Oh wait, clearly, it is. In addition to the $5 million unfrozen by the New Zealand court, Dotcom has also been given permission to sell nine luxury vehicles; most notably, a custom modified 2009 Mercedes E500 and 2008 Rolls Royce Coupe. All of this, of course, is separate from a court ruling earlier this month which also granted Mr. Dotcom with a monthly stipend of $48,300 for living expenses, medical expenses, and legal fees. Our hearts go out to Kim Dotcom. Sounds like he’s really suffering.

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August 13, 2012
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August 8, 2012

Video of Kim Dotcom raid revealed: Months after the raid of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom’s mansion in New Zealand, the raid continues to be under scrutiny. For the first time, New Zealand’s 3NEWS has revealed video showing what happened that day. A must-watch, especially considering this is a raid over a file-sharing network.

9:27 // 2 years ago
July 19, 2012
We have met the enemy, and he is (the) U.S.
Auckland, N.Z. District Judge David Harvey • Speaking at a conference on copyright earlier this month. The fact that Harvey said this is somewhat problematic, as he’s the judge overseeing the MegaUpload case. Hence, he’s decided to step down from the case, with the court’s chief judge, Jan-Marie Doogue, saying that Harvey’s statements “could reflect on his impartiality and that the appropriate response is for him to step down from the case.” Pretty much.
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June 28, 2012
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June 25, 2012
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March 18, 2012

MegaUpload’s Kim Dotcom may have had assets seized illegally

  • $200 million of Dotcom’s assets may be returned source

» Thanks to a paperwork mix-up, authorities in New Zealand may have been acting illegally when they seized approximately $200 million worth of assets during the raid and arrest of MegaUpload-founder Kim Dotcom. Although police did catch their mistake and apply for new paperwork prior to executing the raid, a judge has ruled the initial paperwork invalid. She’s granted a temporary legitimacy to the second order, but is expected to rule soon on whether or not Dotcom will have his assets returned to him.

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13:05 // 2 years ago
February 28, 2012

Newly discovered fossil sets record for largest known penguin

  • 130 lbs. the weight of a considerably colossal, ancient penguin, as extrapolated from a recently unearthed fossil
  • 5 feet the portly penguin’s height, making it both the tallest and heaviest penguin known to science source

» Move over, Emperor penguin. While you may be the largest penguin left in these modern times, 27 million years ago you would have been dwarfed by science’s latest fossil discovery, the Kairuku grebneffi, found in New Zealand. It’s believed that their longer, curved beaks allowed them to easily spear fish for food. As described by Otago University’s Ewan Fordyce: “…relatively longer bills and a more slender body than in living species. The wing was probably able to flex a little more.”

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