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January 11, 2013


Newly Single Olympic legend Michael Phelps shows off his ’70s porn stache.

Get it right, TMZ. He’s wearing the Mark Spitz.

Clearly someone doesn’t know their history of mustaches in Olympic-class swimming.

14:49 // 1 year ago
August 2, 2012


U.S. President Barack Obama is proving to be a swimming fan.

Less than a day after sending out a rare personal tweet to congratulate the most decorated Olympic athlete ever, Obama called Michael Phelps on the pool deck to hail his performance.

Phelps, still reeling from the previous day’s tweet, described the call as “pretty cool”.

“I answered the phone and the voice said ‘Michael?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Please hold for the President of the United States,” he told reporters on Thursday, after qualifying for the 100 metres butterfly semi-final.

“I was like, ‘wow’.”

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This is how bromances begin.

12:25 // 2 years ago