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March 29, 2014
Our research has uncovered a real market of horrors which is making money out of one of the most painful scourges of our society.
Roberto Moncalvo • The president of the Italian agricultural group Coldiretti, on the group’s anger over the usage of Mafia-related imagery to sell food products outside of Italy. (Key example: Herman Cain-tied Godfather’s Pizza.) The group wants more sensitivity from the rest of the world about an often-violent issue which is still very real to them, and costs Italian businesses roughly $20 billion per year.
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February 11, 2014
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January 8, 2013

Important News of the Day: New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has apparently hired crackheads to take out InfoWars founder (and newest rival of Piers Morgan) Alex Jones. Watch the video for more on this startling announcement, straight from the mouth of the man being hunted down by Mayor Bloomberg’s crackhead army. source

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January 11, 2012

"Italy’s biggest bank": The Mafia’s massive profits amid Italian turmoil

  • 140 billion the amount of financial turnover the Mafia had in 2011, according to anti-crime group SOS Impresa
  • 100 billion the amount in profits the Italian crime group had; SOS Impresa says this makes them Italy’s biggest bank source

» Not your father’s Mafia: The anti-crime group says in an annual report that organized crime is becoming increasingly more organized, leading to as many as 200,000 business tied to extortionate lenders and leading to profits equivalent to 7 percent of the entire country’s national output. ”The classic neighborhood or street loan shark is on the way out,” the group says in its report, “giving way to organized loan-sharking that is well connected with professional circles and operates with the connivance of high-level professionals.”

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