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October 30, 2012

Scott Brown says no final debate reschedule needed, Warren camp disagrees

  • then When asked by the media last Friday about concerns the fourth and final Massachusetts senate debate would be cancelled, due to the impending arrival of Hurricane Sandy, Sen. Scott Brown made it clear he wanted the show to go on — even if he had to have a mighty awkward carpool: “That’s why I have a truck. You know it has four-wheel drive. If she needs a ride, I’m happy to pick her up, and I’ll be there, providing the electricity is on.”
  • now The tables have turned, as it’s now Warren’s camp is eager to make up the date in the aftermath of Sandy, while Team Brown demurs. “We’ve already had three debates. There’s only a few days left, and we have a very, very busy schedule,” Brown told reporters today, while touring damage from last night’s storm in Westport. The Warren campaign, according to a spokeswoman, has indicated to debate organizers that she’d be available on Thursday night if so decided. source
19:08 // 1 year ago