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July 14, 2011
10:54 // 3 years ago
July 13, 2011

Leiby Kletzky’s body was found today. The eight-year-old had been missing for two days, and it turns out he was kidnapped walking home from day camp. His parents were waiting outside to meet him — but he got lost on the way home. This video shows him a few blocks off course, walking near a hardware store (he walks by after about 15 seconds in this video). Apparently, a short while after this video was recorded, someone offered to take Kletzky home, but kidnapped him instead. A massive search was launched, and when the suspect learned of how extensive the search was, he reportedly killed Leiby. His dismembered body was found in the suspect’s refrigerator and in a trashcan on a street. Horrific story. (via jvbrewer) source

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