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February 1, 2013

Another month of modest job gains, but unemployment rate rises

  • 157k the number of jobs added to the economy in January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics latest report. The unemployment rate (U-3, not U-6) jumped to 7.9 percent. The U-6 stayed steady at 14.4 percent. The U-3 rate needs to hit 6.5 percent before the Federal Reserve will consider raising interest rates. source
11:00 // 1 year ago
January 24, 2013

Weekly jobless claims hit a new five-year low

  • 330k state unemployment benefit claims were filed last week according to the latest report from the U.S. Department of Labor. That’s the lowest weekly jobless claims number to be reported in five years (January 2008) and also marked the lowest four-week average for the same numbers since March 2008. source
15:35 // 1 year ago
March 19, 2012
We need a candidate who’s going to be a fighter for freedom. Who’s going to get up and make that the central theme in this race because it is the central theme in this race. I don’t care what the unemployment rate’s going to be. Doesn’t matter to me. My campaign doesn’t hinge on unemployment rates and growth rates. It’s something more foundational that’s going on.
Rick Santorum • Misjudging what the central theme of the race is.
20:05 // 2 years ago
March 5, 2011
U.S. Jobless Rate Falls Further
Galleon Chief Seen Taking Stand at Trial
U.S. Wavers on ‘Regime Change’

Photo made all the more effective due to the rebel’s choice of accessories.


  1. U.S. Jobless Rate Falls Further
  2. Galleon Chief Seen Taking Stand at Trial
  3. U.S. Wavers on ‘Regime Change’

Photo made all the more effective due to the rebel’s choice of accessories.

9:35 // 3 years ago
December 1, 2010

Clap your hands, unemployed people! We’re about to break a record!

  • 18 number of months that the U.S. has had unemployment above 9 percent, as of October’s numbers (November’s come out Friday)
  • 18 the record for consecutive months in the post-World War II era, set in the ’80s; you guessed it, we’re about to break this tally source
21:32 // 3 years ago
November 5, 2010

Unemployment stays put despite genuinely solid job growth

  • 151,000 the increase in hiring in October – mostly on the back of private sector jobs, which is really good
  • 9.6% the current unemployment rate, which didn’t improve even though jobs numbers were strong source

» Far better than predicted: Economists were expecting a hiring increase of around 60,000 in October, which was more than doubled. So hey, that’s a positive!

9:56 // 3 years ago
October 8, 2010

Unemployment numbers: Same level of suckiness as last month

  • 95k number of jobs lost in September, mostly government jobs
  • 64k number of jobs gained in the private sector, which is good but modest
  • 9.6% the current jobless rate, which remains steady this month source
10:27 // 3 years ago