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February 20, 2012

This story (left) kind of annoyed us so we made a few “edits” (right). Hope you all don’t mind.

16:00 // 2 years ago
January 30, 2012

Indiana Democrat foils attempt to mandate drug testing of welfare recipients

  • the planIndiana Republican Jud McMillin (yes, just one “d”) introduced a bill in the Indiana General Assembly that would have required random drug testing of welfare recipients.
  • the sabotageDemocratic legislator Ryan Dvorak added an amendment to also require drug testing for elected officials in the state. McMillin withdrew the bill. source

» The nitty-gritty: ”If we’re going to impose standards on drug testing,” Dvorak said, “then it should apply to everybody who receives government money.” McMillin claimed that he had to withdraw the bill after Dvorak’s amendment was added, due to a 1997 Supreme Court ruling that it’s unconstitutional to drug test candidates for elected office…but that logic is flawed, as the Dvorak Amendment would have only required testing of officials already in office, not candidates. Surprisingly, McMillin said he plans to introduce a new version of the bill….that requires lawmaker testing as well. “Give me the cup right now and I will be happy to take the test,” McMillin said. (EDIT: corrected spelling error)

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14:28 // 2 years ago
October 29, 2011
Obviously we are here in October — we were supposed to do this show in August. Obviously, the stage is different, you are different and we are different. We are all changed by what happened then. But we are going to try to give you the best show that we can and to celebrate healing with you and to celebrate life and music with you here tonight.
Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles • Speaking at a concert in Indianapolis on Friday night, the duo’s first since a devastating stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair that killed seven people and injured dozens of other people — just before they were to go on stage. Some of the injured were at the concert on Friday (which, by the way, was free). The concert was emotional, but got good reviews from Sugarland fans, who felt it balanced a tough incident with a powerful performance.
10:01 // 2 years ago
September 18, 2011
I think our family was really concerned about the lack of privacy. And that it’s not just for four years or eight years, but for the rest of your life. Mitch has given 12 years to public service. And, you know, now it was our turn to get him back.
Mitch Daniels’ wife, Cheri • Discussing why the Indiana governor’s family vetoed their father’s potential run for president in 2012. When Daniels made the decision back in May, the key tell sign for us was his open dismissal of questions related to foreign policy, a perceived weak point for the governor. But that point isn’t nearly as weak as his love of his family. “I’m not complaining about a thing. I’m the luckiest guy I know of,” he told CBS Sunday Morning. “And, you know, you can’t have everything in life. And sometimes you have to choose.” source (viafollow)
11:09 // 3 years ago
August 14, 2011


This video is unbelievable.

The stage collapses at the Indiana State fair, yesterday. 4 dead, over 40 injured.


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10:09 // 3 years ago

Using Storify for the Indiana stage collapse


A week ago, we announced a partnership with Storify that allows anyone to build a social media story from tweets, photos and videos we’ve discovered at When a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair on Saturday night, we put Storify to work to demonstrate how the tool works with BreakingNews:

We frustratingly missed a chance to break this last night due to our light schedule, but BreakingNews did some great work with this. The Storify element really brings this together. A suggestion to Tumblr: Integrate with Storify!

9:31 // 3 years ago
June 2, 2011

Latest attempt to defund Planned Parenthood fails

  • plan In preparation for his aborted presidential run, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels signed a bill blocking Medicaid recipients from using Planned Parenthood’s services.
  • problem The Health and Human Services Department has informed Daniels that the bill he signed is in violation of federal Medicaid law, and thus can’t be implemented. source

» What was wrong with the bill? Well, from a moral standpoint, a lot. But from a legislative standpoint, the issue is that Medicaid beneficiaries are legally permitted to use their Medicaid anywhere they want, so long as they do so at a “qualified service provider.” The bill Daniels discriminates against Planned Parenthood for reasons unrelated to its qualifications. Proponents of the bill correctly pointed out that the Hyde Act makes it illegal for federal funds to pay for abortions; however, only 3% of Planned Parenthood’s services are abortive, and for low-income Hoosiers to be blocked from Planned Parenthood’s other services simply because the governor once wanted to run for president is not only wrong—it’s against the law.

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0:30 // 3 years ago
May 22, 2011
2:21 // 3 years ago
May 11, 2011

"Mitch The Knife" lives up to name, cuts health services for poor sick people

  • NO Planned Parenthood access for poor Hoosiers source

» Last June, he called for a “truce" on social issues. Now, with a presidential run looking ever-so-tempting, Mitch Daniels has no problem cutting reproductive services for 9,300 Medicaid recipients in Indiana, of which he is regrettably the governor. Today, a court rejected Planned Parenthood’s efforts to postpone enforcement of the bill. For low-income Indianans who feared they might have life-threatening illnesses, Planned Parenthood was one of their only resources. Now, thanks to Daniels’ quixotic presidential ambitions, they’re out of luck. (Note: A separate request for an injunction, filed by the ACLU, has not yet been ruled on)

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19:37 // 3 years ago
March 28, 2011

Indiana Democrats to pay the price for skipping town

  • $3,150 fine incurred by IN Dems for fleeing source
22:59 // 3 years ago