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November 16, 2012

fiftytwofifty says: Hello Ernie! I would just to ask what your real name is -- I mean, is it Ernest????\ Because whenever I read "ernie @ short form blog" I picture the author as being this odd blogger hybrid of Ernie (the red crazed muppet) and Ernest Hemingway. Which, actually, I think, (somehow) *would* be the "blogging hybrid" of the two. So, Ernie @ Short Form Blog: who are you?!?!

» SFB says: Ernie is my real name. I have a Facebook page which you can subscribe to. And a Twitter account. And a portfolio site on Tumblr. You can subscribe to any of these outlets to confirm that I am a real person. No, I am not showing you my passport. — Ernie @ SFB

1:05 // 1 year ago