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May 25, 2012
Little-known to the wider public, Morsi is a famously boring speaker who reduces Egyptian journalists to teeth-gnashing frustration as he rarely says anything remotely quotable. He was ridiculed as a ‘spare’ after Shater’s disqualification, and some people waved tyres at his rallies to emphasise the point. But the Brotherhood’s well-oiled machine seems to matter more than his underwhelming personality.
Guardian reporter Ian Black • Writing about Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s lead candidate for Egyptian president. Black’s point? Morsi, usually a behind the scenes guy, is in a good position to win because his party is a well-oiled machine. Morsi is currently leading in the results, with either Ahmed Shafiq (a former premier under Hosni Mubarak) or Hamdeen Sabbahi (a Nasserist) his likely opponent in a runoff election.
11:50 // 2 years ago