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November 7, 2012
Let’s start our own abortion industry.
Rush Limbaugh • Trying to figure out how Republicans can win back some female supporters following Mitt Romney’s loss in the Presidential Election last night. (Just heard this on the radio. — SC)
12:50 // 1 year ago
October 14, 2010
How can you claim to be a
political figure when you are on
stage wrestling with your own
Connecticut resident Stacey Smith • Pinpointing the problem Linda McMahon has with wooing female voters. Part of it is that she’s one of the driving forces behind the WWE, an organization which not only doesn’t cater to women but portrays them cartoonishly. She’s also getting guff because she’s spent so much time and money on negative advertising. The end result? Richard Blumenthal is leading her 2:1 among females, the effect of which has put him well ahead in the race to replace Chris Dodd in the Senate. source (via)
9:58 // 4 years ago