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March 19, 2014

In which Ezra Klein, in Vox’s first official piece of content, explains the individual mandate better than anyone ever has before. Seriously, watch this thing and not be excited about

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February 3, 2014

Stuff you may have missed: February 3, 2014

It’s not every day that al-Qaeda disassociates itself from an affiliate, but the group did just that with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a hard-line group that was formerly the terror group’s main affiliate in both countries.

Is this tale of the fisherman from El Salvador who was lost at sea for a year total bull? Not clear as of yet, but he does appear to have made it to the Marshall Islands.

Joan Mondale, the fine arts enthusiast who in an alternate reality could have been our first lady, has died. She was 83, and is survived by her husband Walter.

In case you’re wondering what Ezra Klein has planned, let New York Magazine explain it.

This furniture store bet $7 million that the Broncos would win last night—and lost.

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January 26, 2014
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January 21, 2014

Politico: Why The Washington Post passed on Ezra Klein 

Politico has collected a few behind-the-scenes details on Ezra Klein’s surprise departure from The Washington Post, and what the well-known columnist has planned for his (and a few dozen others’) immediate future.

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January 4, 2014

Stuff you may have missed: January 4, 2014

Remember that time Jeff Bezos was rescued from the Galapagos Islands by the Ecuadorian Navy so he could pass a kidney stone? No? Because it happened.

Perhaps the above episode explains why Bezos wasn’t so hot on Ezra Klein’s idea to have the Washington Post spend eight figures on a new site for him.

Good news in South Sudan: The two sides of the conflict have agreed to direct talks to help nail down a monitored cease-fire.

Melissa Harris-Perry is really really really sorry that she made fun of the Romney family’s adopted black grandson.

Rap Genius is back on Google, and with a little newfound humility to boot.

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October 30, 2012
I’ve spent the morning reading various endorsements of Mitt Romney for president, and they all say the same thing: Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s strategy worked.
Ezra Klein • In a new post on WonkBlog, commenting on a number of Romney endorsements that surprised him — most notably the Des Moines Register’s decision to endorse Mitt Romney, after endorsing the Democratic candidate in the previous five races. In his piece, Klein challenges the paper’s suggestion that President Obama was ineffective when dealing with Congress. He stops short of giving President Obama an endorsement, and recognizes the leadership abilities of Romney, but Klein is not unclear about his feelings on this particular line of logic. “There are good reasons to endorse Mitt Romney for president,” said Klein, adding, “But if you want the political system to work more smoothly, endorsing McConnell and Boehner’s strategy over the last four years is folly.”

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April 22, 2012
Contrary to what many believe, the central effect of such negative advertising isn’t to move voters from supporting another candidate to backing yours, as Mitt Romney and his allies have discovered during this primary season. The main effect is not even to move undecided voters into your column. No, the real effect of negative advertising is to energize and solidify support among your ideological base while turning everyone else off to the other candidate, the campaign and the entire electoral process. Negative advertising isn’t about changing minds; it’s about altering the composition of the voter pool on Election Day by turning moderate voters into non-voters.
The Washington Post’s Stephen Pearlstein • Offering a counterpoint to Ezra Klein’s point from the other night; Pearlstein suggests politicians want people to turn off from the political process, because it helps them stabilize the electoral pool come election time. Which is how we get stuff like Obama eating dog food on an Etch A Sketch with Mitt Romney’s face drawn on it, or something like that.
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April 20, 2012

Ezra Klein would like you to know that if you obsess over nontroversies – whether Etch A Sketches or dog meat – you're not normal. 

I think most people in Washington believe voters would make better decisions if they spent more time following politics. But I spend a lot of time following politics, and quite often, I couldn’t be happier that voters are tuning out the inanities that obsess this town. Better that they worry about real mountains rather than hyped-up molehills.

The Washington Post columnist has it right. Sure, these stories are fun, but they’re distractions that conveniently fill air during dead periods of the news cycle.

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February 19, 2012

Famous first words from Ezra Klein on Tumblr


Can I ask a dumb Tumblr question? Is there the equivalent of a newsfeed for Tumblr, where I can see the posts of everyone I’m following threaded chronologically? And if not, what’s the point of following people?

Update: Ah. The dashboard. Got it. Told you it was a dumb question.

Did you know, Ezra, that in some circles you’re considered to be fawnworthy? And you just stepped in one? Just warning you, bro.

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February 12, 2012


Oh Ezra, my heart.

Husband material.

Ezra’s the kind of guy who has his taxes done in January because he he couldn’t wait to finish them.



Oh Ezra, my heart.

Husband material.

Ezra’s the kind of guy who has his taxes done in January because he he couldn’t wait to finish them.

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