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July 5, 2012

Fundraising numbers up for Senate Democrats following “Obamacare” ruling

  • $2.5 million raised in first 3 days after SCOTUS ruling source

» The spike in donations has put the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on track for a historically-high month, only a few weeks removed from a record-breaking $5.6 million in donations during May. The donation numbers also add legitimacy to Democratic claims that the ruling galvanized the left every bit as much as it galvanized the right. Though, even when combined with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s similarly high $2.3 million in donations, the numbers seem small compared to the more than $5.5 million raised by Mitt Romney in the first 24-hours after the decision.

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18:32 // 2 years ago
April 2, 2012
X = President Romney. Y = a Republican Senate. X + Y = Z. Solve for Z. Z could mean the end of Medicare as we know it.
Sen. Al Franken • Writing a fundraising e-mail for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee using a math metaphor. Franken is a self-proclaimed “math genius,” apparently — he’s big on showing off the Pythagorean Theorem to elementary school kids in Minnesota — but this math equation doesn’t seem particularly complex to follow. He follows it up with some firm language: “But, alas, it’ll take more than elementary geometry to help the DSCC reach its $90,000 goal before Saturday night’s deadline. We need your help. By which, again, I mean your money.”
11:15 // 2 years ago