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September 30, 2013
Life is no longer bearable. After my father was killed in the [Yarmouk] camp, we had to move into the shelter home. We share our room with a mother and her small kids. They cry a lot, and I can’t sleep or study. I asked mom to get us out of here, but she’s always crying. She can’t rent us our own place. If dad were alive, this wouldn’t have happened to us.
Seventh-grade student Sirine says on school and life in Syria. The school year has begun a week or two ago amid the ongoing conflict in the nation. 
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August 24, 2013

Report: Thousands injured, hundreds killed in Syrian chemical attack

  • 3,600 the number of people Doctors Without Borders says were exhibiting “neurotoxic symptoms” in Damascus on Wednesday, when a chemical weapons attack took place in the Syrian city.
  • 355 the current death toll reported by the organization from the attack—which differs from the counts from other organizations, including the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which reported 322 deaths. Some outside figures were as high as 1,200. The attacks added additional scrutiny to a situation already widely criticized by international observers. source
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August 21, 2013

Hundreds killed in possible chemical attack outside Damascus

  • 500+ people were killed outside Damascus on Wednesday morning, allegedly through the use of chemical weaponry, with one opposition member claiming the death toll was as high as 1300. The U.N. Security Council has already convened for an emergency meeting in response to the reports, but Russia remains staunchly opposed to any sort of intervention in Syria, including U.N. investigators. source
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May 4, 2013

Just as we were posting about Thursday night’s Israeli air strike in Syria, reports broke of yet another explosion within its capitol city. Syria is claiming that another Israeli attack is the culprit, causing the enormous explosion shown above, reportedly aimed at a military research center in the outskirts of Damascus. There’s more amateur video of the incident here. source

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April 30, 2013

Latest bombing leaves more than ten dead in Damascus

  • 13 people were killed when a bomb detonated in front of the country’s former Interior Ministry building on Tuesday, blowing out windows and heavily damaging vehicles in the area as well.
  • 70 were also injured by the blast, according to state-run Syria Television, which exploded inside a Damascus neighbor currently held by the government of President Bashar al-Assad. Both the rebels and regime forces also continue to accuse one another of an apparent chemical attack on Monday. sources
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April 1, 2013
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February 21, 2013

The second most-deadly bombing of the Syrian conflict took place on Thursday

  • 53 people were killed when a massive explosion ripped through Damascus near Syria’s Ba’ath Party headquarters, and two additional explosions in other parts of the city claimed 13 more lives within minutes of the attack.
  • 250 people were wounded in the attack, which is the deadliest since a double suicide bombing left 55 people dead last May. Rebel forces and those loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have been fighting in Damascus for weeks, but recent upticks in the violence have some wondering if Assad could be forced to flee the Syrian capital soon. source

(Source: Guardian)

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February 14, 2013
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February 11, 2013

Syrian rebels continue to gain ground in their war against President Bashar al-Assad and those forces that remain loyal to the Assad regime.

  • Taqba Dam The country’s largest dam has been seized by rebel forces, giving President Bashar al-Assad’s opposition control over the country’s largest source of hydro-electric power.
  • Damascus The Assad regime has been forced to send tanks to defend loyalist positions in the district of Jobar, in an attempt to halt rebel momentum, following a series of opposition victories which allowed the rebel forces to push closer towards the city’s center. 
  • Next steps Negotiations finally appear to be considered a legitimate option by the Assad regime. According to the Syrian government, national reconciliation minister Ali Haidar will meet with the head of the Syrian National Council to discuss the country’s future. source
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November 7, 2012

Syrian opposition takes the fight to top Assad loyalists

  • yesterday The Syrian Arab news agency (SANA) reported that the brother of the Syrian Parliament’s speaker, Mohammad Osama al-Laham, was assassinated by opposition gunmen.
  • today A remotely detonated explosive device claimed the life of Abad Nadhwah, a judge from Damascus that has remained loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad. Both killings were described to be the work of “terrorists” by Syria’s state-run news agency. source
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