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December 11, 2012
I actually don’t view this as anti-union. I view it as if the unions did it appropriately, this should make them more responsive, because it really means they have to be listening to workers more attentively and really presenting the value proposition to them. Because if they were doing all the things that workers were looking for, there shouldn’t be any difference with this legislation at all. Workers would simply choose to join the union, versus not choosing.
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder • Discussing his support of Michigan’s new “right to work” legislation, which the governor is expected to sign into law as early as Wednesday, during an appearance on Mike Huckabee’s radio show this morning. Union workers have rejected Snyder’s description of the new legislation, with UAW President Bob King saying that this needs to be viewed “as part of a right-wing agenda” during an interview on MSNBC. source
16:21 // 1 year ago
September 16, 2011
As America struggles with record levels of unemployment, we aimed to protect the jobs of our members - to guarantee good American jobs at a good American company. And we have done that. This contract will get our members who have been laid off back to work, will create new jobs in our communities and will bring work back to the United States from other countries.
UAW President Bob King • Announcing an agreement with General Motors on a new four-year contract. They haven’t made specifics available, but the UAW says they successfully fought back on retirement plan and health care changes, while improving profit-sharing.
23:35 // 3 years ago