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November 15, 2012

A little more context on the Israel/Gaza hostilities…

swagandpassion asks: Thanks SFB…Why did the IDF conduct the air strike?

» SFB says: Some background info: Ahmed Jabari was Hamas’ acting second-in-command at the time of his death, and was rarely seen in public. He was allegedly responsible for organizing the kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, as well as the subsequent prisoner exchange for his safe return, and was theoretically being pursued with the same level of fervor that the United States dedicated to tracking Osama bin Laden. After a noted increase in rocket attacks earlier this week, and a rare opportunity to strike at a virtually unguarded Jabari, the Israeli government presumably saw a prime opportunity to strike a major blow to Hamas and took advantage of it. — Scott @ SFB

14:15 // 1 year ago

Fears of a new war in Gaza follow escalation in hostility between Israel and Hamas

  • yesterday The Israel Defense Force conducted an airstrike to claim the life of high ranking Hamas leader Ahmed Jabari. Footage of Jabari’s final moments was uploaded to YouTube by the IDF within minutes, and the Israeli military’s international spokesperson began to taunt remaining militants inside of Gaza. Hamas reportedly responded by firing more than 200 rockets across Israel’s southern border.
  • today Israel responded by attacking a number of suspected launch sites and is reportedly amassing forces (including tanks) along the nation’s southern border in preparation for a ground offensive. Both sides have reported casualties, primarily civilians, and both the IDF and Hamas have attempted to use images of slain children to portray their opposition as the aggressors. Anonymous has also decided to enter the fray, following word that the Israeli government planned to cut internet connectivity inside of Gaza. source
13:28 // 1 year ago