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January 17, 2013
17:47 // 1 year ago

Hostage situation turns deadly during second day of Algerian gas field takeover

  • 7 foreign hostages were killed following a botched helicopter attack on a militant-used vehicle on Thursday. Government forces say that 8 gunmen aligned with militant leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar were also inside of a vehicle targeted by the helicopter, all of whom are believed to have been killed as well.
  • 25 foreign hostages have escaped from their captors, though the number is heavily disputed by other media outlets from the region. In fact, Al-Jazeera claims the number couldn’t possibly be true because the network believes more than 30 hostages were killed in the helicopter attack. Regardless of debate on those free or killed, there does seem to be a consensus that AQIM forces still have 7 foreign hostages inside the complex.
  • 150 Algerian workers are believed to still be inside of the complex, though it is unknown where and under what conditions they are being held by Belmokhtar’s militants. An estimated 600 workers fled the compound when their attackers arrived on Wednesday, leaving well over a hundred workers that are unfortunately viewed as expendable in the majority of these situations. source
14:30 // 1 year ago
January 16, 2013

A hostage situation is unfolding in Algeria this afternoon…

  • 20+ hostages have been taken at a foreign-operated gas field in Algeria, including at least seven Americans, following a terrorist attack that Algerian government officals are blaming on Islamic militants. Two people have also been confirmed dead as a result of the attack, which is believed to be a direct response to the recent French intervention in Mali. The gas field has been surrounded by security forces, theoretically preventing an escape, but there’s still no telling how the situation will end. Our thoughts are with those in captivity, as well as their family and friends, during what we can only imagine to be one of the most terrifying experiences on Earth. source
16:53 // 1 year ago
January 14, 2013
15:23 // 1 year ago