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November 18, 2012
As the FDA stated, ‘the existence of an adverse event report does not necessarily mean that the product identified in the report actually caused the adverse event’.
A statement from Red Bull • Regarding a filing by the FDA on Friday revealing the company — much like Monster, Rockstar and 5-Hour Energy, who faced similar FDA filings earlier in the week — had seen its product associated with so-called “adverse events,” such as illness, that happened after a person consumed the beverage. Unlike Monster and 5-Hour Energy, Red Bull was not in any way associated with any deaths — rather, 21 reports of hospitalization for health problems such as heart issues and vomiting. And to be clear, the FDA’s reports in all cases do not claim the the beverages were the direct cause, and do not take into account outside factors, such as pre-existing conditions. All listed companies claim their products are safe.
12:00 // 1 year ago