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August 1, 2012
Today’s action demonstrates that compliance with FCC obligations is not optional. The open device and application obligations were core conditions when Verizon purchased the C-block spectrum. The massive innovation and investment fueled by the Internet have been driven by consumer choice in both devices and applications. The steps taken today will not only protect consumer choice, but defend certainty for innovators to continue to deliver new services and apps without fear of being blocked.
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski • Regarding an FCC ruling that basically prevents Verizon from charging money for its 4G wi-fi tethering services — a big victory for people who feel like they’re getting screwed by their phone provider. Why’s that? The 4G network was set up to be open and pro-consumer, with cell phone companies having limited influence on how their customers can use it. Verizon Wireless will also voluntarily make a $1.25 million payment to the Treasury to settle the issue.
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February 12, 2012


‘Saturday Night Live’ accurately skewers Verizon 4G advertising | The Verge

This is amazing, but surprisingly, it’s only Bill Hader’s second-best performance of the night. The one that takes the cake is his parody of Clint Eastwood’s excellent “It’s Halftime In America" Super Bowl ad. Bill Hader basically was on a roll last night.

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January 5, 2011

MetroPCS decides to ensure nobody switches to their service

  • december The FCC approves new net-neutrality rules that give more power to mobile providers while mostly blocking content limitations for landline users. Basically nobody liked the plan.
  • january Just a few days into the new year, MetroPCS is ready to try out the new policy with a tiered data system that limits users’ access to non-YouTube video and audio content on the lowest tier. source
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