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August 3, 2012

Self-funding: Is it really worth it?

    • 58 political candidates gave $500,000 or more to their own campaigns in 2010
    • 11 of those 58 actually ended up winning their elections (roughly $19%)
    • $130Mtotal amount of self-donations to 2012 campaigns—so far source

    » Not much bang for the buck: Tons of money is needed to get a political campaign off the ground, but that doesn’t mean being rich out of the gate is a sure-fire win for wannabe politicians. In 2010, wrestling magnate Linda McMahon spent $50 million on her own Senate campaign only to be crushed by Richard Blumenthal, who’d raised a (relatively) modest $8.7 million. More recently, Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst lost the GOP primary after giving $24 million to his own war chest—the most so far of any candidate this cycle. But this doesn’t seem to be discouraging wealthy candidates: McMahon is running for the Senate again this year, and her $8.8 million contribution constitutes 90% of what she’s raised so far.

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    7:22 // 2 years ago
    March 10, 2012

    Former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Charged With Ethics Violations

    • seven charges of violating state ethics laws were leveled against former South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard, who resigned Friday
    • $7k+ was spent for Mr. Ard’s direct gain according to the indictment, including over $2000 on travel, and $3000 on multiple devices from Best Buy
    • $75k funneled by Mr. Ard from personal accounts, through people claiming to be outside donors, into his campaign during the 2010 elections source

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    11:46 // 2 years ago
    November 3, 2010

    Update: The House and Senate’s balance; how it all holds up

    • yes the House will be heading to the GOP side; the prediction is currently 60-75 seats switching
    • no the Senate wil not go Republican; while a few seats went red, 51 are currently blue
    • yes Harry Freaking Reid held off Sharron Angle, preventing the biggest upset of the night source
    0:50 // 3 years ago
    November 2, 2010

    Today’s midterms already broke a pretty major record

    • 16 million early ballots already cast before the day started source

    » And possibly an all-time record, too: The tally of early ballots looks to get very close to 2008’s record. Will it top it? Either way, it’s a record for a midterm election.

    9:44 // 3 years ago
    October 25, 2010

    Obama not rocking the vote for congressional candidates

    • 2.5M the number of young voters Rock the Vote was able to register during the Obama-fied 2008 elections
    • 280k the number of voters they were able to register this time around (that’s kind of a big decline, guys)
    • 44% Obama’s current approval rating among college students – good luck getting out the vote with that, guys source
    11:12 // 3 years ago
    September 30, 2010
    • Carl Paladino is like the most entertaining shot in the arm for New York politics in a long time. Not that it wasn’t boring before – have you seen David Paterson? – but you just get the feeling that if this dude actually becomes the state’s governor, he’s going to have an encounter like this every single week. This video also looks like it could’ve been shot anytime in the last 30 years. Fred Decker, the NY Post’s state editor, is just a warm-up act. source
    0:49 // 4 years ago