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When I asked Karp about this and told him that I find ‘missing-e’ to be a useful product that enhances my experience with Tumblr, he told me that people using the extension assume that the issues that creep up are not from the extension but are caused by Tumblr, adding unnecessary burden to their support staff. According to Karp, the ‘missing-e’ is one of many extensions, and not even the most popular one, that Tumblr is forced to support.
From Anthony De Rosa’s piece on/interview with David Karp and Tumblr. Question to Karp and Tumblr: If it’s a support issue first, why not just have Jeremy Cutler emphasize that the burden’s on him to support Missing e? Why chop off the entire arm when it appears a scratch is the problem? A disappointing take. (The piece covers other things as well, BTW.)
September 8, 2011 // 13:43 // 3 years ago
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    So basically the reason Missing e can’t be used anymore is because of computer illiterate people who bother Tumblr about...
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