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On seemingly strong criticism

nhaler said: Can SFB please quit putting “seemingly” before every proclamation you make? It seemingly undermines whatever you seemingly say.

» SFB says: We went back over twelve pages and counted our past 180 posts — roughly a week’s worth of posts. We’ve used “seemingly" twice. Just keep in mind that when someone used a word like “seemingly,” it’s meant not to undermine, but to basically hedge our bets in cases where we’re inferring something might be the case. In the case of the Arrington post, it’s possible his fund might not be affected. In the case of the Gore post, it’s possible that he wasn’t trying to get in a low blow on Obama. With writing content (we posted like 40 times yesterday alone), sometimes we might repeat a phrase every once in a while, but we certainly haven’t made a habit of using “seemingly.” — Ernie @ SFB

September 8, 2011 // 12:40 // 3 years ago
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  3. gamerchick02 said: Maybe it’s in your quotes? Your writing doesn’t overuse phrases, but sometimes the quotes you use do. And I’m not criticizing, they just do.
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