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On sarcasm

dglsplsblg said: typo. they played up the white cast not the black cast.

» SFB says: It was not a typo, my humor was just too subtle for ya, pal. — Ernie @ SFB

December 27, 2013 // 18:16 // 3 months ago
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  1. chickwhodoesthethingwiththestuff said: My husband writes a webcomic. There have been several times when we’ve said, “Oh, that’s totally clear from context. Bashing the readers over the head with the Obvious Stick is just patronizing.” And it’s come back to bite us every. Single. Time.
  2. shoreliner4 said: wow, how do people see this as anything but sarcasm? like, oh man, i misspelled black for white, those words are so similar. i know all the holiday drinking probably killed a few brain cells for you all, but once again: wow.
  3. myotherdashboard said: All my sarcasm is subtle and there’s a lot of it. But it’s ok, people just think I’m stupid.
  4. starryhours said: i re-read it a few times as well. perhaps it just wasn’t cleverly placed sarcasm
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