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Stuff you may have missed, take two: Rewritten specifically for one of our readers, pinkv0dka610

Evidence tattoos are awesome: This tattoo artist has helped thousands of women deal with the emotional scars of breast cancer—by tattooing replacement nipples on their skin.

Thanks to a Facebook campaign, Domino’s is about to start selling a vegan pizza in Israel. Who wants to get this thing in the states?

Speaking of vegan food, here are a few holiday dishes that might come in handy next week. But don’t fill up on quinoa.

If you’re a fan of yoga, you’re far from alone: It’s now a $27 billion industry. That’s a lot of stretchy pants.

OK, OK, just so we get some real news in here: This had to have been an epic bender.

Editor’s note: This is meant as a joke following up on our last ask, but a friendly joke.

December 21, 2013 // 19:31 // 10 months ago
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