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Stuff you may have missed: December 10, 2013

A few months ago, New Yorker Leo Grand, who has been homeless since he lost his job in 2011, was presented with an unusual proposition by a stranger: The man would either give Grand $100, or teach him how to develop a mobile app. Grand chose the latter option—and the guy who pitched the idea became the subject of a media storm. But Grand kept at it, and now his app Trees for Cars is available for sale.

Want to whip people up in a minor frenzy? Have Obama shake hands with Fidel Castro’s brother, making people forget that they did it at a memorial for NELSON FREAKING MANDELA. Perspective, guys.

A family of six went missing in a remote canyon in Nevada over the weekend, leading to a huge manhunt, but fortunately they were all found—alive—earlier today.

Bernie Madoff cried when he told his second-in-command that his ponzi scheme was a fraud.

Organic milk is healthier for you: This study says so.

December 10, 2013 // 21:00 // 10 months ago
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