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So yeah, we know that’s a lot to ask of a person, but all of us here work tremendously hard to do a lot of things, and if you’d like to be at the technical epicenter of it all and don’t mind having a really bad sense of work-life balance, this is the job for you.

Penny Arcade Director of Operations Robert Khoo • In a job posting for an IT position which he describes as being four different jobs. Great pay, right? Well, we’ll let Khoo take this one on: “Annual Salary: Negotiable, but you should know up front we’re not a terribly money-motivated group. We’re more likely to spend less money on salary and invest that on making your day-to-day life at work better.”

Shorter version: Don’t work for Penny Arcade, because working for them sounds like it’s about as appealing as reading Penny Arcade for pleasure.

November 28, 2013 // 13:20 // 8 months ago
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  8. dburnham said: Hmm. That seems like pretty harsh commentary. People have different priorities, and the person who is leaving that job had genuinely great things to say about the position, and the company. That job won’t be right for everybody though.
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  16. dagdammit said: This sounds quite reasonable. They are a small team with a staggering pile of potential applicants and are trying to be up front about the nature of the job.
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