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There is a fundamental strategic difference between the traditional consulting community and the kind of campaign I want to run. Now we’ll find out over the next year who’s right.
Newt Gingrich • Explaining why his staff left him en masse yesterday. He says that despite the setback, he plans to stay in the race. One of the reasons his staffers left was due to what they claimed was the overpowering nature of Newt’s wife, Callista, to which he said, “We make decisions as a couple, I think most couples would find that refreshing, not a problem.” We’re not voting for your wife, Newt. We’re voting for you. Newt’s apparent campaign implosion means that some key staffers are now available for Rick Perry should he choose to run, which it sounds like he’s leaning towards. Newt’s loss? Perry’s gain. source (viafollow)
June 10, 2011 // 11:57 // 3 years ago
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