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"Opie and Anthony" show leaks a pic of Weiner’s penis from Breitbart’s phone

  • yesterday Andrew Breitbart detailed that while he had an extremely sexually explicit photo of Rep. Anthony Weiner, he had no intention of revealing it (unless Weiner attempted reprisals against him), displaying some respect during a rough time for the congressman.
  • today A picture of Anthony Weiner’s penis hit Twitter, snapped by radio host Greg Hughes (“Opie” of “Opie and Anthony”) when Breitbart showed it to him, unbeknownst to Breitbart. Protip: Don’t show sensitive photos to shock jocks, then get surprised that they “violated” your trust. source

UPDATE: The photo was not taken by Greg “Opie” Hughes via cell phone, but rather was a still from a video feed the show operates, which captured the image when Breitbart showed it. Seeing as the Opie and Anthony folks ran with it, however, and Breitbart flashed it in the first place (the stark opposite of what he’d said he’d do), the story is basically unchanged.

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June 8, 2011 // 18:34 // 3 years ago
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  2. manicchill said: Because it’s easy to mask the act of taking a picture(with your phone) of somebody else’s phone(while they are holding it up for you to see) less than an arm’s length awa…oh wait. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Breitbart is scum.
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