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He’s done. He didn’t have a big chance from the beginning, but now it’s over. … Reagan had the 11th commandment. Thou shalt not attack fellow Republicans. This [calling the Ryan budget “social engineering”] is a capital offense against the 11th commandment. He won’t recover.
Charles Krauthammer • Speaking on Newt Gingrich’s presidential campaign. It’s been a rough few days for Newt, whose fluctuations from one policy position to the next (some of which we highlighted yesterday) have led many conservatives to begin heaping the dirt on his fledgling candidacy. Krauthammer is a venerated voice in the sphere of conservative opinion, and this one hurts. In addition, it calls attention to one of the chief differences between the two major parties. The idea of a Democratic “11th commandment” is utterly non-existent, as Democratic jockeying and infighting has become a staple of Beltway politics, especially in recent years (this is always our favorite example). Maybe Newt could switch parties? “I never said I was a Republican” would be rather in line with his contradictions of late. source (viafollow)
May 17, 2011 // 16:41 // 3 years ago
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