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Apparently, leftover campaign shirts from Mitt Romney’s presidential run are being put to good use in Kenya. Philanthropist Cyndy Waters founded a charity, The Orbit Village Project, that provides clothes and housing to impoverished Kenyans, and it just so happens that Waters’ nephew worked for Romney’s campaign last year. After the election, the nephew had a bunch of shirts left over, and so Waters gave them to the Kenyan kids. “It was a big deal that they could pick between short or long sleeved and blue and white,” Waters said. “For an African youth from such an impoverished area to pick out something new is very rare.” (Image credit: Orbit Village Project) source

July 10, 2013 // 11:58 // 1 year ago
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    Az megvan, hogy Obama kenyai, a nagyfaterja még most is ott él, bár kötve hiszem, hogy Romney-s pólóra szorulna.
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    az irónia önmagába fordult
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    ez mondjuk annyira nem ritka eset, például az NHL-döntő vesztésének győzelmét hirdető (értelemszerűen előre legyártott)...
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